What is Flexigrid ASP.NET

Based on the excellent plug-in for jQuery, Flexigrid ASP.NET is a server control which displays grid-like data in a friendly way.

Flexigrid-ASP.NET offers you a seamless integration between ASP.NET and the jQuery Flexigrid plug-in.

Download source code

Flexigrid ASP.NET is now discontinued. If you already bought Flexigrid ASP.NET and need your questions answered, do not hesitate to contact me. Simply reply the email that you received when you purchased a license.

Otherwise, you can still use the source code version, and adapt it to your needs.


All standard features that come with the flexigrid jQuery widget:

  • Columns can be resized/filtered/ordered
  • Flexigrid can resized
  • Integrated support for sorting data on the client
  • Loads data using ajax, which makes your pages load a lot faster
  • Built-in paging support
  • Show/hide columns, from code or from UI
  • Toolbar support

Besides that, Flexigrid ASP.NET also provides you with:

  • Way better alternative to the standard ASP.NET GridView
  • 4 beautiful themes, out of the box. Of course, you can create your own theme.
  • Flexible datasource: http handler, aspx page, GridView or a simple table element
  • Support for update panel: the control will work both in an update panel and outside of it
  • Support for column templates: you can customize the content of each data cell
  • Postback persistence: selection/page are persisted across page postbacks
  • Integrated buttons in grid with both client and server side support
  • Custom row rendering. Define your own HTML structure of the cell.
  • GridView as datasource. If you preffer a better way of presenting you data, you can attach the Flexigrid ASP.NET control to a GridView on your page.
  • Send specific data to the server. You have the option to add extra variables, outside of the control, to the server in order to get the grid's data. For example, you can put some extra filtering options.

All these features are highlighted in a demo project, in the download package.

.NET Framework version

Works with Visual Studio 2010Developed with .NET Framework 4.0

The Flexigrid ASP-NET control is developed using .NET Framework 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010, but also works with .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008.

Browser support

Flexigrid-ASP.NET is known to work on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 6 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.x or higher
  • Google Chrome 1 or higher
  • Safari 3.x or higher

However, Flexigrid ASP.NET might also work on other browsers that aren't listed here.